Tucked in the foothills of the mountains behind the Amalfi Coast is the Mario Romano factory, Shirt & Sport S.r.l. Consisting of state-of-the-art equipment as well as traditional devices that can’t be replaced by technology, our facility seamlessly melds the old and the new. Most importantly, we have the finest tailors and seamstresses in the Campania region, whose families have passed down their craft from generation to generation. Their happiness and wellbeing is of great importance to the Romano Family and the company.

We are able to design, prototype, weave, knit, cut and sew, add trim and package as quickly as we would like. Allowing for styles to constantly flow into our boutiques; providing our customers the myriad of options that they require. We constantly improve our production capabilities and equipment, understanding the importance of reinvesting in order to make the company and workers thrive. These improvements also contribute to Mario’s desire to always be decreasing the environmental impact of the company.